About the Society

The Judicial History & Arts Society of Guam, Inc. is a non-profit organization incorporated in the U.S. Territory of Guamfor the purpose of preserving Guam’s unique judicial and legal heritage.  The Society’s activities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Collection of historical material, sponsor research, and develop programs pertaining to the District Court of Guam and the attorneys who have practiced in that court.
  2. To present programs of historical or current interest at the annual Guam Judicial Conferences, including possibly assuming responsibility for the Fireside Chats, which involve informal conversational presentations with the District Court judges and other notable judges and attorneys within the District of Guam.
  3. Assisting in the development and presentation of the Guam collection of historical materials which have been donated to the District Court of Guam and develop and present programs utilizing material from this collection.
  4. Sponsoring bench/bar activities and programs, including local law day activities and programs for schools or community groups.
  5. Developing and preserving material of future historical significance, including the following:   securing oral histories of notable judges and attorneys; preserving relevant photographs and news accounts of notable cases and events involving the federal courts; and to inventory existing historical resources within the district.
  6. Sponsoring grants or prizes for the most significant publications within the district relevant to court and legal histories.
  7. Assisting in the acquisition of art work,statues,plaques, benches, and other furniture or fixtures of an historical significance.
  8. Preparing periodic reports to the membership listing exhibits, displays, and information pertinent to the commission of the Judicial History and Arts.